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We are proud of our portfolio companies, and we also take pride in our engagement with them.  We act as a sounding board, make introductions, provide guidance, often participate in subsequent funding rounds, and sometimes sit on boards.  

We have invested over $12m since 2005.



Personalized and Actionable Genetics

Agricultural Technology Accelerator

Immune System Technology

Plasma-based Bioactive Material Technology

Cellular Neurodegenerative Disease Technology

Pelvic Fracture Technology

Customer Value Management Platform

Agricultural Biotechnology

Addiction Treatment Technology

Artificial Tear Technology

Intravascular Volume Measurement Technology

Pathogen Identification Platform

Diabetes Monitoring and Treatment

Branded Plant-Based Food Technology

Capnography Oxygen Face Masks

CNS Drug Discovery

Laproscopic Medical Devices

Microbiome Immune System Technology

Smart Ventilation Monitoring

Bone Adhesion Technology

Clinical Ear Care Devices

Technology Accelerator

Laparoscopic Gastrectomy Technology

Microinvasive Tendon Repair Technology

Reducing Post-Operative Adhesions

Skin Cancer Screening Technology

Whiskey Distillery

Topical Drug Delivery System


Lab on a chip technology

Spectral Domain Ophthalmic Imaging

Real Time Clinical Monitoring

Endoscopic Visualization Technology

Pediatric Orthopedic Devices