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ASAP welcomes high quality proposals from entrepreneurs seeking angel funding. Our minimum investment is $100k, our current average is $350k, and our largest to date is over $2m.

ASAP investments usually have these common characteristics:

  • Early-stage growth technology companies with high potential return for investors.
  • Proprietary, innovative and disruptive technology that challenges the status quo.
  • Capable and complementary team of at least two founders.  We do not invest in sole proprietors or lifestyle businesses.
  • Scalable business model with Total Addressable Market (TAM) Size > $100M.
  • Proof of concept with a robust go-to-market and sales strategy.
  • Funding cycle predictions and exit strategy (five year target).
  • A reasonable valuation commensurate with the opportunities and risks.
  • ASAP is sector agnostic, but we have a special interest in IOT, AI, SaaS B2B, Healthcare IT, Medical Devices and Processes, Pharma, Consumer Products, Development, Biologics, Robotics, Alternative Energy, Shipping/Logistics Tech, and Cybersecurity. Typically, we do not invest in fashion, real estate, or film/TV production.

Please contact our screening committee at to discuss your funding round.